Date : 05 / 06 / 2023
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Solar Panel System Cost :

Since every customers needs are unique, the exact solar panel system cost will depend on system size (see What Size Solar System Do I Need?), ease of installation, and state or local rebates or incentives. Each installation is custom built depending on the unique power needs of each residence.

Another option you may want to consider is leasing a solar panel system. Initial costs for installation can vary and lease payments are on a monthly basis, typically lower than what you currently pay for your electricity from the utility company. To learn more about leasing, please see Purchasing Or Leasing a Solar Panel System.

Solar for Homes :

When purchasing, most people decide to finance a solar power system. However, you are welcome to pay cash, find your own financing solution, or use our lending program.

The Solar Company offers several different lending options that are designed to meet your economic situation. If you do decide to finance, it is important to use a lender that understands what you are buying; this will allow you to get a better loan. Our in-house Financial Advisor can assist you in choosing the best method to purchase your solar power system.

Solar for Business :

There are even more great benefits for our commercial clients. And there are extra incentives for most commercial businesses-including an accelerated depreciation, tax credits, and state or local rebates-which makes this a great time to explore solar for the long-term benefit of your company.